650 Kč

At our premises, a shave means a 30-minute, quality piece of work done with a straight razor and a trimmer.

We distinguish two types of “shaving services”, you can order either a so-called full shave, which means a completely shaven face that is first steamed with a hot towel and then covered with shaving cream so that the beard softens and the whole process is more pleasant.

The second type is the so-called beard trim followed by steam – the beard is initially trimmed to the desired shape, then the face is steamed with a hot towel, after which the neck and contours around the face are shaved with a straight razor. The skin is then soothed with a cold towel and a cologne or a gel lotion is applied in order to avoid skin irritation.

As a part of this service, you can get a chilled soft drink from our fridge, a cup of coffee or a shot of a selected spirit.

* With a delay of more than 10 minutes, we no longer guarantee that we will be able to perform the service.

* We do not wash hair as standard, as we use a special barber’s tonic for blowing.