Tradiční holičství Svoboda

– established in 2015 –

Tradiční holičství Svoboda

– established in 2015 –

Mon – Fri: 9h – 21hSat: 10h – 18hSun: closed

U Obecního dvora 797/3, Praha 1

Mon – Fri: 9h – 21h, Sat: 10h – 18h, Sun: closed

+420 602 323 300


The idea of opening a barber’s originated in my childhood when my great-grandfather, a First Republic barber told me stories about the atmosphere of a real barber’s. His description inspired me.

Since then, I have travelled to many countries and visited an abundance of barber’s. Nevertheless, in my native Prague, I haven’t found any barber’s that is not just a disguised hairdresser’s labelling itself with the appealing and world-famous name “barbershop”.

In our barbershop, a man does not find hair colouring or a variety of cosmetic services. You will only find here honest barber’s craft, that is, quality cut and shave using a straight razor as in the old days.

I am proud to welcome you to the world of Tradiční holičství Svoboda.

Jakub Svoboda

Jakub Svoboda